Hello! It’s us.

Kate and Caroline of Spilled Milk

Hi, there. We’re Caroline & Kate. This is our new blog, and we want to get to know you. So, who are we? Let’s start at the beginning.

Kate first met Caroline over a dinner and margaritas, through one of Kate’s best friends, who happened to be Caroline’s new boyfriend. We immediately bonded over a shared love of books, HBO dramas, and fried tilapia. 

Caroline ended up marrying Kate’s friend, and we became writing partners just a few years later. We are part of the critically acclaimed parenting website Cool Mom Picks (go read it, it’s great!). We also co-authored a new kids’ book coming in March 2020 called Stand Up Guys: 50 Christian Men Who Are Changing the World. It’s for kids who are ready to get inspired and motivated to change the world too. 

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While we both still do our fair share of writing-for-hire, we wanted to write about something we’re really passionate about: the intersection of faith, parenting, and culture. We knew there was no shortage of highly curated, beautifully photographed Instagram feeds about family life, but we feel like we’re missing that true-to-life, spilled-milk, dirty-diapers, leaky-roofs-and-all space to vent and (hopefully) get inspired.

This is a blog about looking for the holy in the hot mess. Because if we wait for the holy to show up when I get my house clean and my pantry organized, that might never happen.

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