Everything that entertained us in 2019

Everything that entertained us in 2019 | Photo by Sincerely Media via Unsplash

Okay, maybe this is not everything that’s entertained us this year. But let’s be honest, nobody needs to see another baby Yoda meme, anyway. 

Here are some of the shows, podcasts, and books we couldn’t help but share. 


I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philphott

In this funny collection of essays, Mary Laura Philphott reflects on identity, motherhood, fainting spells, small talk, and the perils of volunteering for your child’s school fundraiser. If you’ve ever used “my life isn’t interesting enough,” as an excuse not to write, this book will prove that making the everyday funny, charming, and impossible-to-put-down is doable, and in this anthology, apparently effortless. —Caroline


Forever 35 Podcast

This is a podcast hosted by two friends who “aren’t experts, but like to talk a lot about serums.” And I can attest that even as someone who really couldn’t care less about beauty products, it’s still a great listen. The podcast centers around all forms of self-care, from wearing sunscreen to setting boundaries with your in-laws, to “reframing the narratives” we tell ourselves. It’s like if your two best friends also happened to be your therapist. —Caroline

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The Dream podcast by Jane Marie

I was fascinated by season 1 of The Dream podcast, where host Jane Marie explores the dark underbelly of MLMs. As someone who briefly participated in one (and made out okay, thank goodness), it was so interesting to hear the actual data on how these companies work and who they benefit. Spoiler alert: it’s not the women selling their stuff. —Kate


The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

I picked this book up at the library because the cover was so pretty, but I was instantly caught up in this enchanting, devastating, and ultimately hopeful novel about love. It flips between elderly lovers reuniting in modern day New England and  1950s revolutionary Iran, where their romance started. The author’s love for her culture seeps through the pages, through the smells of the spices, the community of women cooking together, and the layered political scene of the day.  —Kate


Succession on HBO 

You definitely want to save this show for after the kids go to bed, thanks to its profanity-laden script, but it’s one that’s truly deserving of your oh-so-precious nightly kid-free hour or two. It’s a brilliantly written Shakespearean drama, loosely based on the Murdoch family. The characters’ myriad dysfunctions make the show even more entertaining, and hey, your own family issues will pale in comparison to their dog-eat-dog dynamics. – Caroline

Kate Baer’s Instagram account 

Mom-of-4 Kate Baer’s poetry always stops me mid-scroll, which is saying something given my very shortened attention span these days. And all the gorgeous food posts competing for my attention. Her poetry ranges from raw and moving to hilarious, but it’s always relatable. -Caroline

Wilco’s “Love is Everywhere” song

The title may be cheesy, but this quietly joyful waltz from Wilco never fails to put me in a better mood. I put it on when my life feels particularly chaotic (read: often) and let it remind me of the love that underlies the mess and noise. Toys are everywhere? Yes. Crumbs are everywhere? Yes. But also love. —Caroline

Everything that entertained us in 2019: Tieghan Gerard's Half Baked Harvest Instagram feed

The Half Baked Harvest instagram feed by Tieghan Gerard

I love to cook. Well, actually I love the idea of cooking. And Tieghan’s feed is full of gorgeous images of homey meals I really want to eat. Here’s the thing, though: the recipes I’ve tried (like her incredible croissant cinnamon rolls) are actually easy for a novice cook/baker like me and they turn out great. Follow her feed if you love to eat. —Kate



Photo at top by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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