Reading the Bible in a Year with your kids | February reading plan

How to read the Bible chronologically in a year...with your child

Okay, deep breath. We made it through January. We missed a few days—weekends are the hardest, we’ve found—but we managed to catch back up. Here are some tips we’ve learned:

  1. Let your kids (and you, if necessary) read during the sermon at church to catch up on any missed days.
  2. Get them a Bible of their own, if they don’t have one. For my 9-year-old, his own leather “grown up” Bible has been a big motivator. We found this NIV kids Bible pretty inexpensively. I’ve been surprised that he’d rather read the NIV version in his own Bible than The Message, which isn’t his copy.
  3. Post a list of the books you’ve finished on your fridge or in their bedroom, and keep adding to it. It will keep you motivated as you go!

Helpful resource: Read the Bible in a Year | February reading plan

We’re moving on to February now, and we have the February reading plan ready for you to download and use! This is a big month, where we’ll follow the Israelites out of Egypt and learn the laws God gives them in Leviticus and part of Numbers. This is the part that often feels sloggy—all those rules!—but stick with it and we’ll be on to the exciting stories of the history books before you know it.

February is also when we’ll mark the beginning of the Lenten season, and we’ve noted those important days in the Christian calendar on the reading list too.

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