Reading the Bible in a year with kids: April reading plan

How to read the Bible chronologically in a year...with your child

Hi, friends. What a month, right? We have never lived through a time like this, and it’s kind of rocking our world. How about you?

When the coronavirus quarantine first began (for us, 4 weeks ago when my youngest’s special needs preschool program closed), we were meeting it with great enthusiasm. It was cold outside, and we built fires and read books. We played cards and board games. We pulled out old recipes.

Now, we’re having lots of conversations about getting along and keeping the peace. We’re apologizing…and sometimes refusing to. We are making hard decisions (like, closing my husband’s business until this passes) because we know it’s right. And we’re trying not to yell at neighbors having parties in the backyard like this is a long extended spring break.

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In the midst of this upheaval, I’ve gotten off track of my Bible reading. Have you? I’ve been getting up before my kids, and I’ve done some reading on my own. But sometimes, just having a little time to close my eyes in the quiet is what I need right now.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t fret. Skim the chapters you’ve missed, and start back fresh with this new month of readings.

Resource: Your April Bible Reading Plan (PDF)

I mentioned back in January that we’re doing a chronological reading of the Bible, which means we’re reading the stories in the order they occurred historically. In April you’re really going to notice that. So get ready to dust off those old Bible drill skills, because we’re going to be flipping around a lot.

If a day tells you to start in the middle of the chapter, that’s not a typo. Just go with it! I hope this enhances your understanding of the times the Israelites were living in and their story as a whole, continuous narrative.

Stick to it…or don’t be afraid to get back to it if you’ve gotten off track. It’s worth it.

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