Daily quarantine thought: The “particularly intolerable” of today

As someone who’s been thoroughly churched her whole life, I have a pretty robust philosophy on hardship and how it should be born.

And when it stays in the theoretical realm, hardship always seems saintly. Martyr-ish. Noble.

But when a particular problem arises, it feels a lot less beatific.

I wasn’t expecting this particular puddle of spit-up. This particular 27-minute wait with the credit card company while I hold a squirming baby. This particular pandemic with its indefinite hold on all of our lives.

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So this C.S. Lewis quote stopped me in my tracks:

The real difficulty is, isn’t it, to adapt one’s steady beliefs about tribulation to this particular tribulation; for the particular, when it arrives, always seems so particularly intolerable.  

Here’s hoping God meets you in the particularity of your struggle today.

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