Daily quarantine thought: Do I plan a meaningful tenebrae service from scratch for my family…or just watch Trolls 2 instead?

Daily quarantine thought: Do I plan a tenebrae service at home...or watch Trolls 2 with my kids?

It’s such a weird Easter season this year. I’m trying to find a way to celebrate these holy days with reverence and importance right now, but honestly . . . my family just wants to watch Trolls 2 on TV together tonight.

So the question becomes: do I fight it? Or do I give in? Because, I’m really kind of excited about Trolls 2 too.

Ultimately, we’ll compromise. We’ll do both.

First, we’ll sit together and read the stories. Jesus’s life . . . his final hours . . . and the darkness that fell. The curtain that tore. The hearts that broke. We’ll pause and remember.

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Anne Lamott said,

“In Easter — and Passover too — something that happens is that we stop. This is the ‘dark night of the soul’ stuff that John the Divine writes about; that in that stopping we may fall into an abyss that we have been trying to outrun since we were little children . . . and the American way, I think, is to trick out the abyss so it’s a little bit nicer. Maybe go to Ikea and get a more festive throw rug. But in Lent, if you are a person of committed spiritual growth, you do stop.”

This year, we’ve all had to stop, whether we’re “persons of committed spiritual growth” or not. But while we’re physically stopping, let’s also mentally stop. Pause. And remember.

Then watch Trolls 2 with your kids. That’s okay too.

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