Reading the Bible in a Year with kids: May reading plan

How to read the Bible chronologically in a year...with your child

Hey, mamas. How are you holding up with the quarantine? I hope you’re feeling fed emotionally and spiritually right now. Not normally a morning person, I’ve started a new habit of waking up early (for me, haha, my husband would roll his eyes) and going out to our back porch to do my daily readings with a cup of coffee.

Sometimes my son joins me, sometimes he doesn’t.

It’s been the space I need, the quiet time I crave, and the fresh air that I’ve really wanted.

So even though I’m behind on my readings, I’m really dedicated to sticking with it this year. In this period of isolation, it’s been a constant I have relied on to steady me each day.

OurMay Bible-in-a-Year reading plan (PDF)

This month, we’re moving on through the Old Testament, focusing on the lives and writings of David and Solomon. We’ll watch their reigns as kings of Israel unfold and read the psalms and proverbs they wrote during these tumultuous times.

If your kids are still reading along with you, these are exciting, action-and-adventure chapters full of battles, intrigue, traitors, and great wisdom. And as you read through the Psalms, especially while in quarantine, keep in mind Caroline’s thoughts about how we don’t have to spin everything for the positive right now.

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