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5 good things | week of May 11

Each week we hope to share a few things that have encouraged or inspired us as women, as parents, and as people of faith. We hope they brighten your day too.

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  1. We’re feeling a bit relieved that it’s okay to not want to play capture the flag (or, fill in the blank) with your kids all day long. It’s okay to not be the fun parent.

2. Kate was encouraged to know she wasn’t the only one who found Netflix’s The Circle oddly uplifting during this time of isolation.

3. Thinking about our identity as moms, our mountainous to-do lists, and the mystery of this quarantine life with Sabrina Orah Mark’s newest at The Paris Review.

4. Meditating on what the Abundant Life that Jesus calls us to really is.

5. Caroline is finding some freedom (and space to breathe) the idea that frequent short bursts of attention are better for our kids than long extended play times that she’s reading about in Time to Parent by Julie Morgenstern.

Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

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