Reading the Bible in a Year | August Reading Plan

How to read the Bible chronologically in a year...with your child

Honest update here: I’m stumbling through the reading plan right now. I’m reading what was assigned for early July at this point, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch back up by doubling my reading once school starts. (Ha, school starting! What’s that?)

It is a nice reminder, though, to see how much God loves and cares for his troubled, wandering, foolish people. They veer away from him time and time again, they forget to destroy the “high places” where the foreign gods are worshiped. They are lured away by the influences of their day.

But he always remembers them.

Download now: Bible in a Year reading plan for August (PDF)

As we go into August, we’re slowly making our way through the prophets. We’re seeing God’s faithfulness to his people in very dark times. They’ve lost everything, they’ve been captured and taken away. He promises to leave behind a remnant of broken people in Jerusalem. We see this come true when Babylon attacks and hauls the Israelites back to Persia to be slaves. They leave behind those who are too old, too weak, or are physically unable to do the work of slaves.

They are the remnant.

In this season of struggle that we are collectively in as a nation ā€” as a world ā€” consider your role in rebuilding the kingdom of God here on earth. What does that look like for you?


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