Free daily to-do printable for The Good and the Beautiful ELA curriculum

Good and the Beautiful ELA to-do list

This year my kids have started using The Good and The Beautiful’s language arts curriculum, and even though it’s just day 2 of school I’m already feeling more relaxed and in-control than I have in previous years with different ELA curriculum.

What I love about this curriculum is that it’s all-inclusive for ELA — they’re getting grammar, spelling, reading, and writing all in one daily lesson. But there’s also a cool incorporation of geography and art that breaks up the pace a little and keeps things interesting. I originally anticipated this to be art appreciation, but it’s actually teaching them drawing skills too. It’s really pretty cool.

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What I don’t love is a focus on “unworthy books,” which feels a bit too self-righteous for me. We’re fairly open-minded about art in our home, and our kids have seen movies and read books that might raise eyebrows of other parents. But for us, it’s generally a doorway to conversation. Of course, there are limits. I just am not sure I set them in the same place that Jenny does.

Good and the Beautiful ELA to-do list

But back to the ELA curriculum — each day includes a list of to-do’s that include sentence dictation, geography drills, poetry memorization and more. The curriculum encourages you to print off multiple copies of the list so your kids can check them off every day, but for our family we’re posting this printable list on the bulletin board in our classroom to glance at as we do our work instead. It’s free here for you all to use too!

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