Free sight word printables for little learners

Like Kate, I never though I’d be the homeschooling type. But 2020 had other plans for me.

So while my son’s preschool was cancelled, I took a turn in the driver’s seat, teaching-wise, and let’s just say I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Hence, these sight word puzzles that I made for my son.

I realized that he didn’t respond well to having me hover and nudge him to sound out words aloud, but when I handed him a puzzle, he lit up. I just asked him to draw a line from each word to its corresponding picture. No pressure, no looking over his shoulder.

Think they might help your kid too? Here are some free sight word printables to make your life a little easier.

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Free sight word printable: BOX, DRAG, DOG, FOX, SAT

Free sight word printable: NET, WET, DIG, VET, PET

Free sight word printable: RAT, TAG, CAR, BAG, NAP

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