Resource | A Christmas Carol curriculum for homeschooling

A Christmas Carol curriculum for homeschool, including full novel and activities

Time spent together, reading great books out loud can be some of the best memories you make with your children. This Christmas, I hope you’re snuggling up with this book by a warm fire, with a cozy blanket and a mug of hot tea. Maybe there’s a frost in the air and you’re busy making up your wish lists for Santa already. It’s a perfect time to read A Christmas Carol with your kids.

Ebenezer Scrooge’s story is a wonderful, classic tale, and I’ve created an A Christmas Carol” Novel & Journal that will enhance your enjoyment of the narrative. In this book, you’ll find the full text of A Christmas Carol along with activities, questions, and prompts for deeper thinking.

Download “A Christmas Carol” Novel & Journal in seconds or order a paperback copy on Amazon

A Christmas Carol novel & journal for homeschooling

Each day as you read, your students should gather their favorite markers and crayons, then flip ahead to the “Artistic Reflection” page to draw while you read. After you’re done reading, there will be questions for you to discuss, words to define, and a section for you to copy in your best handwriting. Some days, there will be a Christmas-themed recipe or traditional Victorian game from the book to play as well.

Because, despite Ebenezer Scrooge’s bah humbug attitude, we think: if there’s any time to feel festive, it’s Christmastime!

Download “A Christmas Carol” Novel & Journal here or order a paperback copy on Amazon

Make this time cozy with blankets, pillows and hot cider. Allow your kids to ask questions as you go, and don’t be worried if they need to play with a fidget spinner or build LEGOs while you read. At the end of the day, our goals as parents and educators are for them to love literature, to be inquisitive and thoughtful, and to find expressions of truth in great works of art.

We can start by modeling those things ourselves. So snuggle in with kids on your lap, sprawled on the floor, and wrapped up in blankets and pillows, and enjoy this timeless tale of Christmas cheer.

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