Thoughts on how Amy Coney Barrett does it all.

Caroline's new piece in the Washington Post! Thoughts on how Amy Coney Barrett does it all.

I am so excited for Caroline this month: she was published in the Washington Post! #goals! But I’m even more proud of what she said, because the myth that women can just effortlessly do it all is flawed and needs to be addressed.

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This look at Amy Coney Barrett’s childcare secret, and why she needs to let us in on it, is fair and thoughtful and honest. Moms are struggling to keep it all together in 2020, and we’d love to know how she manages 7 kids and (all politics aside) an undeniably successful career.

So if you’re looking for a good read with your morning coffee today, her article—What’s Amy Coney Barrett’s childcare secret? She should let us in on it.—is well worth the $1 paywall at WaPo.

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