Reading the Bible in a Year | December

How to read the Bible chronologically in a year...with your child

This is it! Our last month of 2020. Think of all we’ve made it through this year, and your persistence to continue turning to God’s Word each day.

Even though this is the advent season, reading the Bible in a year leads us to a very different place in Scripture. We’re nearing the end of Paul’s life (his final letter is 2 Timothy, and pay attention to the urgency with which he writes there!) and of course, Revelation.

Download: December Bible reading plan

We end our year thinking about the baby in the manger, but don’t forget the warrior king who will return, who will make all things right. He will make the sad things come untrue, to quote Tolkien. He will welcome us into a city that needs no sun, for the Lord is our light. There will be no tears. There will be no death. We will live with him forever, and everyone who is thirsty is welcome.

I cannot wait.

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