The self-grading Saxon math lifesaver for homeschool parents

The self-grading Saxon math website we're loving right now

Saxon math parents, it’s been an epic quest but I have found the holy grail: the online, self-grading Saxon math site that has absolutely changed my life. I’m feeling borderline evangelistic about this resource, y’all.

After four years of homeschool, the one curriculum I’ve stuck with year-in and year-out is Saxon math. It’s a solid program with great review, and I know my kids are learning what they need to learn in math. But…it’s a lot of work. If you do Saxon, you know that. With a practice set and 30 problems to work each lesson, it’s a lot of grading…times three kids.

I’ve been looking for a site that would self-grade all my kids’ problem sets for years and even seriously contemplated teaching myself coding, until I discovered My Math Assistant.

You guys, this is a lifesaver.

For a monthly fee that’s cheaper than Netflix—but actually gives me the time to watch Netflix—I can assign lessons to each child, who then input their answers to both homework and tests on the site. I can customize whether they do the entire problem set, choose between evens and odds, or alternate them. I can also customize how many attempts they get on each question on homework and tests, and if I want them to get half credit for second attempts.

Each day I get an email report with how many problems they missed or needed help on, and how many they got correct. And For an upgraded membership, you can get video lessons included too.

This isn’t a sponsored or affiliate post. I just feel compelled to share the goodness of My Math Assistant to any other homeschool parent out there who’s all about their Saxon math…until it comes time to do the grading. This is worth every single cent of the $8.99 per month I’m paying. I’ve never been happier about math homework.

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