Is hiring a ghostwriter right for you?

The internet has been abuzz this week with leaks from Prince Harry’s deeply personal new memoir, Spare. And yes, I will admit that I have already pre-ordered my copy and will be submerging into my bed for some binge-reading the moment it arrives. #Sorrynotsorry.

Whatever your opinion of the rogue prince, it seems like the book will be a juicy, well-crafted page-turner that lets Harry tell his side of the story. Thanks, in part, to his ghostwriter, J.R. Moehringer.

So what does a ghostwriter do and how was Harry able to speak through his ghostwriter? This New York times article about the craft of ghostwriting offers some answers.

“Ghostwriters channel someone else’s voice — often, someone else’s very recognizable voice — and construct with it a book that has shape and texture, narrative arc and memorable characters, all without leaving fingerprints.”

-Elizabeth A. Harris for the New York Times

Ghostwriting typically begins with a series of interviews. First, the writer (AKA the ghostwriter or person who actually sits at the keyboard) and author (the person telling their story) will have a discovery call to see if they’re a good fit. After that, the ghostwriter will get to know the author through a series of conversations, emails, and possibly even some real-life shadowing, before putting words to the page.

Ghostwriters are skilled at the craft of storytelling, and they can help you render a compelling narrative out of the memories, anecdotes, and impressions from your past. But in the end, the story belongs to you, the author.

Another ghostwriter, Michelle Buford, says that her clients, “provide the raw materials to build a house and she puts it together, brick by brick.” Ready to start stacking your own bricks? We’re here to help!

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