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  • Everything that entertained us in 2019

    Everything that entertained us in 2019

    Okay, maybe this is not everything that’s entertained us this year. But let’s be honest, nobody needs to see another baby Yoda meme, anyway.  Here are some of the shows, podcasts, and books we couldn’t help but share.    I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philphott In this funny collection of essays,… Read more

  • We wrote a book!

    We wrote a book!

    As writers, editors, and parents, Kate and I stay up to date on new children’s book releases. After seeing Goodnight Stories for  Rebel Girls and a number of similar titles slide across our desks, we noticed that there was a gap when it came to empowering books for boys. Yes, maybe that’s because boys have… Read more

  • What a disability theologian taught me about not feeling rushed

    What a disability theologian taught me about not feeling rushed

    There’s nothing as long as toddler afternoons. They stretch. They yawn. They mosey. They refuse to be rushed by my constant refreshing of my husband’s location on the “Find your Friends” app on my iPhone. They force me to sit with my son as he carries out lengthy and highly repetitive conversations between his Hotwheels… Read more

  • Hello! It’s us.

    Hello! It’s us.

    Hi, there. We’re Caroline & Kate. This is our new blog, and we want to get to know you. So, who are we? Let’s start at the beginning. Kate first met Caroline over a dinner and margaritas, through one of Kate’s best friends, who happened to be Caroline’s new boyfriend. We immediately bonded over a shared… Read more