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Storytelling, sorted.

Still having nightmares of your teacher handing back that English paper covered in red marks? Don’t worry – we’ll hold your hand through the process and be kind, we promise. We get it; sharing your writing is vulnerable! Our goal is your book’s success, and all of our editorial services are offered with that goal in mind.


Developmental editing

Looking at the same manuscript for months on end can make it hard to see clearly. We’ll give your manuscript a fresh-eyed, industry-informed look and show you how to get your manuscript ready for publication. This may mean tweaking the overall tone, further fleshing out a particular concept, or curtailing in certain spots. 

In most cases, the good stuff’s already there. We’ll help you trim, shape, and style your manuscript so it really pops. 

Pricing: Developmental edits on industry standard-length books starts at $6,000.


If you have a story to tell, but aren’t sure how to tell it…we’re here to help. This process starts with a discovery phase, where we meet over several weeks to listen to your story, culminating in an outline we submit for your approval. If you want to proceed, we will contract with you to write your story in engaging narrative detail that will captivate readers.

Pricing: Discovery phase starts at $5,000. Ghostwriting starts at $75,000.

Vault curation

Musicians, actors, and other individuals in the spotlight may have a wealth of book ideas hiding in plain sight in their home vault. Using our years of experience in book development and acquisitions, we will come to your home or vault and help you sort through the materials you’ve collected over your career and help you curate the content there into a list of ideas for viable book projects….or simply organize into a collection for your own personal, private use. 

In these situations, your privacy is our utmost concern. For that reason, we don’t list any past client names here, but we have worked closely with international, A-list celebrities in their homes and studios to create meaningful projects based on their private collections of journals, photography, memorabilia, music, and more.

Price: Vault curation pricing varies depending on the size of the collection.


Have an idea in mind but not sure how to move forward? We’re ready to break out the pom poms and cheer you on! We’ll provide guidance, encouragement, and next steps. Wherever you are in your process, having an outsider with publishing expertise can help. 

Pricing: Consulting and coaching rates start at $200/hour.


I love your book. You have done a phenomenal job in telling your story and touching on the major themes, questions, needs, anxieties, and hurts of parents and their wandering sons or daughters. Bravo.

Ron Lee, Senior Editor at Waterbrook/Random House
Praise for Out of a Far Country

Since becoming an independent editor and co-author, Kate has worked on a large number of projects and covered a vast array of topics. She has keen insight, an editor’s scalpel-sharp awareness of what works on the page, and a very clear understanding of today’s turbulent marketplace. You will do extremely well to work with her.

Davis Bunn, best-selling novelist

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